Stripes Promotion Winners

Every year, Stars and Stripes finds ways to reward members of our military community in a variety of ways—starting with insightful reporting and useful information. We also give away author-signed books and a variety of merchandise, ranging from pens, mugs and hats to iPad mini tablets. To find out what rewards are on offer, keep an eye on the Promo Box on our home page. We value all our members and this is just one way to say “thank you!”

  • July, 2019 — "The First Wave" signed by author Alex Kershaw

    Jarrod Wittenauer / Truman Ray Turner / Rebecca June Koster / Chris Simpson / Hoai My Winder / Theodore O White / Stephanie Flores / Javier Sotelo

  • June, 2019 — "Inside The Five-Sided Box" signed by author Ash Carter

    Julie Anne Noddin / Virginia Basquez / Allie Higashi 

  • May, 2019 — "Wolf Pack" signed by author C.J.Box

    Bryce Fitzpatrick, Virginia Basquez, Nan Phuthasa, Richel-And Spencer Greer 

  • April, 2019 — "Judgment" signed by author Joseph Finder

    Emily Crawford, Christina Vaughn Roberts, Erica Beck, Dawn Clements 

  • March, 2019 — Exchange gift card

    $300 gift card winner: Daryl Hodges
    $200 gift card winner: Robert Mann
    $100 gift card winner: John C Young