Stripes Promotion Winners

Every year, Stars and Stripes finds ways to reward members of our military community in a variety of ways—starting with insightful reporting and useful information. We also give away author-signed books and a variety of merchandise, ranging from pens, mugs and hats to iPad mini tablets. To find out what rewards are on offer, keep an eye on the Promo Box on our home page. We value all our members and this is just one way to say “thank you!”

  • February, 2020 — "House on Fire" signed by author Joseph Finder

    Anaa Falc / Hattie Paul Knowles / Angel McMillan / Stephen-Lisa Vaiza

  • January, 2020 — A total of 3 titles are given away

    "The First Wave" signed by author Alex Kershaw: Marlon Kimberly Pollock
    "Fire and Fortitude" signed by author John C. McManus: Grace Delgado
    "Wolf Pack" signed by author C.J.Box: Pam Helmick Fiorito

  • December, 2019 — A total of 9 titles, 14 copies are given away

    "Judgment" signed by author Joseph Finder: Mark Mcelmurray / Tomi Zevahc / Amber Irvine
    "The Sinners" signed by author Ace Atkins: Bill Noddin
    "Let's go (so we can get back)" signed by author Jeff Tweedy: Virginia Basquez
    "Tear It Down" signed by author Nick Petrie: Julie Anne Noddin
    "The Real Michael Swann" signed by author Bryan Readon: Manuel N Judith Guerrero / Hollie Mcelmurray
    "Second Strike" signed by author Peter Kirsanow: Brenda Alvarez
    "Twisted Prew" signed by author John Sandford: Julie Anne Noddin

  • November, 2019 — "Riding the Elephant" signed by author Craig Ferguson

    Tomi Zevahc / Sara N Bret Tedford / EricnCindy Sparks / Kyle C. Hernandez

  • August, 2019 — GoPro Hero / Handler Floating Handgrip / 32GB SD card

    Rayanna Temples / Tim Passe / Jennifer Miller / Carol Mowen